Commercial Ice Bath

Pro Plunge Duo Ice Plunge with Full Millboard Finish

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Extra Large, Extra Special.

Bringing the timeless design of our natural wood finish baths but upgrading with millboard to create a truly one of kind ice plunge. Millboard has the texture and grain of wood while being relatively indestructible making it perfect for high use environments. It’s easy to maintain and will withstand chlorine or salty air or the harshest outside environments without an issue. Our full millboard twin ice plunge uses the same commercial technology to bring you dual panel, automated ice creation and release as well as temperatures as low as zero degrees. Choose from one of the 8 millboard finishes in either the herringbone, vertical or horizontal styles.  Twin Plunge dimensions: 190cm long, 93cm high and 156 cm wide. To view our technical drawings, please click here.

Key Features
  • Automated ice creation
  • Ultra hard-wearing and long lasting finish
  • Always on UV & 2-stage filter cleaning
  • Handmade to order in the UK
  • Temperature as low as 0°c
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
Material Choice
Antique Oak
Material Choice
Wood Style
Wood Style
Talk to an Expert Shipping and Returns
  • 2 x design and integration consultations (On-site in the UK, Zoom if international)
  • Full technical drawings and specifications provided on request
  • Uprated stainless steel (316)
  • Upgraded 1/2 horsepower compressor
  • Dual ice panels for continuous ice creation & release
  • Design flexibility, co-Branding or any RAL Colour to suit
  • Support material to help your consumers get the most from their cold dip
  • Deep, fully immersive and up-right seating position with our custom 316 grade stainless steel insert
  • Step made to match your finish, to help your customers get in and out, featuring anti-slip coating
  • Always on UV & dual stage filter cleaning
  • Temperatures as low as 0°c
  • Wireless connectivity to allow over the air updates and scheduling
  • Reinforced seat at the back of plunge for breath work / meditation before & after
  • Drishti - Focus point positioned at eye level in the bath to support focus during plunge
  • LED Lighting to enhance the immersion experience
  • Insulated indoor cover (outdoor cover available as an add on)
  • Can be placed indoor or outdoor
  • 3m electric cable
  • Twin Plunge dimensions: 190cm long, 93cm high and 156 cm wide
  • Commercial financing available (via a partner)

Our ice baths and plunges are large and heavy meaning we need to plan the delivery and installation carefully with you. Due to their size and weight we recommend a smooth, flat and hard surface from the kerb to where you would like the bath positioned. Any more than three steps, tight corridors or uneven ground typically requires specialist equipment and sometimes a crane. We’ve got every bath into position so far but if you’ve any worries just contact us.

UK Kerbside & International Orders: If you are an international customer or you select our UK kerbside option we will deliver your Ice Bath / Plunge to the front of your property where it will be left on a pallet with a protective cover. To get your bath in to position we’d recommend several strong friends with some lifting straps or a local specialist removals firm. Setting up your ice bath is easy, once you’ve placed your order we will share a video and short guide on how to setup.

UK Installation: If you are in the UK and choose our delivery and installation option at checkout we will work with you from the moment you place your order. After you have completed your order, you will receive our delivery form. The form contains questions regarding everything to do with getting your Brass Monkey® safely into position. Our team carefully review these to ensure we are confident we can place the bath safely for you. We will discuss any challenges we foresee and solve those with you well ahead of delivery.

How it works


For our commercial plunges we’ve doubled our ice-making power and moved it to the sides to allow safe and uninterrupted dips while ice is formed and released. When the plunge is set to below 2 degrees, we freeze the sides of the plunge and release it in cycles, this creates 20-30mm ice sheets that break up easily and mean your ice plunge can drop to zero degrees with ice in. The ice brings a whole new level to the cold water immersion that no other product can come close to matching.


Our plunges are designed to ensure you can just say focussed on your customers. We have 6 sensors all feeding into our software to ensure temperature control and ice formation is as energy efficient and precise as possible. Using our companion app you can schedule you plunge to be ready when you want it to be, bringing further efficiency to your bath. On top of that receive maintenance reminders to ensure your water is always crystal clear.


Need support in delivering your cold experience to your customers? No problem; we are here to help. We can work with you to help promote your new cold immersion experiences.


We designed the duo to be as maintenance-light as possible. Every day you should rinse the first stage filter and weekly rinse the second stage filter. Depending on usage you should only need to swap the water once a month, twice if heavier use. To ensure your water stays clean for as long as possible, we’d always recommend customers have a shower before jumping in. 


Premium finishes

Choose from Millboard or cedar finishes. Millboard, originally designed for decking is ultra-resilient while having a wood effect finish. It is perfect for high-use or harsh environments such as pool rooms (chlorine) or by the sea (salt). Our alternative to millboard, natural cedar, is our most popular finish; it pairs well with saunas and only needs a simple osmo oil coating once every 6 months to maintain its finish quality.

Key considerations

While our Pro Plunges are made to be super simple to install and maintain, here are common considerations ahead of your purchase.
Brass Monkey ice bath air flow image
Air flow

The mechanical parts of our pro plunges must have access to fresh air. Every duo has three grills. Two at the rear, and one on the right as you look down the product. We can flip our units if required or integrate them into plant rooms for better performance. If you experience ambient temperatures above 42°C please inform us before you buy.

Brass Monkey Blue ice Plunge

Our duos are 190cm long, 93cm high and 156cm wide. When filled, they hold nearly 1,000 litres of water, allowing for displacement when you get in. They weigh 500kg empty and around 1,000kg when full. In the duo, you sit upright with your legs bent, back straight. Every duo comes with a step for access. To view our technical drawings, please click here.

Brass monkey maintenance image

Designed for 40-60 people a day, to keep the water clean, we recommend rinsing the first stage filter daily and the second stage weekly. The UV bulb will need replacing annually. This should mean you only replace the water every 4-6 weeks. If you buy a wood finish for your Pro Plunge, we'd recommend half yearly using osmo oil to protect the wood and bring longevity to the finish.


Cold water immersion

Natural feel good

Cold exposure increases dopamine by 250% - a natural ‘feel-good’ hit, thrown in for free.

Combats inflammation

Inflammatory diseases are the biggest killer in the modern world. The risks only increase as we age. Cold exposure suppresses the acceleration of disease inflammation and the related pain signals.

Mindset builder

Facing your fears takes grit. Yes, you were scared. But you went ahead and did it anyway. It feels good, doesn’t it? Taking a dip in the ice, especially when you don’t feel like it, brings an immense sense of power and self-confidence.

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