Ice Bath Filters

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Keep your Brass Monkey ice bath performing and the water clean by changing the filters regularly. 

Our ice baths use a two-stage cleaning process. A 20 or 50 micron particle filter removes sediment & microscopic debris from the water before passing through a UV filter able to kill viruses and bacteria.

We recommend changing the particle filter every 4 weeks (sooner if you notice the water isn’t clear) and the bulb in the UV filter every 6 months. 

There are two sizes of particle filter available to buy, as baths shipped since December 2023 (v.2.5) now have a new style of filter housing. Please ensure you purchase the correct filters for the version of ice bath you own:

  • V1 & 2 baths have grey particle filter housing and require a 13.5-inch filter.
  • V2.5 have a blue filter housing and require a 10-inch filter.

Note: The size of your ice bath e.g Plunge and Plunge XL doesn’t impact the filter type you need

Filters can be bought in Quarterly or Annual packs:

Quarterly packs include 3 filter particle filters

Annual packs include 12 particle filters + 2 UV filter bulbs

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