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Brass Monkey®

Power-up your day

Quintessential ice baths, plunges and chillers, hand-built in Britain for people who demand more.

The cold demands that we evolve

Brass Monkey® exists to help people to develop a strong and resilient mind and body. To rethink what we once thought was challenging.

Ice Guide

Multiple sources now prove that a practice of cold water therapy is unequivocally good for us. Here's your free guide why and how to get yours!

The science


The cold triggers our metabolism, our internal furnace, by releasing free form fatty acids (FFAs) and glucose. It also protects against insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes and atherosclerosis by inhibiting glucose production. The collaborative effects of vasodilation and vasoconstriction work together to switch our metabolism to fat burning mode.


Our immune system is influenced by multiple factors and is highly complex. In isolation, the benefits of cold water immersion are hard to measure. But several studies now link cold exposure to immune boosting benefits such as increased production of ‘killer T cells’ and lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell key to immune function.


We each have 70,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries moving blood around our bodies. For most, this great vascular tree is de-conditioned through lack of exposure to the big temperature changes it was designed to deal with. When we move between hot and cold, it gives those tiny muscles governing blood-flow a serious workout.


Regular cold water immersion drives wakefulness, alertness, learning and attention, enhanced memory formation and retrieval. It also supports top-down regulation of pain. It also increases dopamine by 250%, a natural ‘feel-good’ hit.

Get Your Cold On®

Whether it’s cold showers, ice cold dips in a lake, waterfalls, or a simple tub in the garden — we want to empower people to develop a safe, accessible and reliable cold contrast or cold water immersion practise. Resetting mind and body, feeling stronger and happier in just a few minutes per day. However you can do it, just get your cold on.

More about Brass Monkey®


To answer this question, we first must understand how the body manages the cold… “Thermogenesis” is the term for the body’s temperature regulation system. It’s one of the ways our body keeps us alive. In a nutshell, the brain and body work together to regulate our temperature through hormones and neurotransmitters. Everyone has an internal thermostat that sits just behind the nose.

Speaking candidly from their own personal experiences, we got together with four friends of Brass Monkey, Professor Green, Joie Risk, Rosie Marcel, and Laurence Fountain, all cold dipping pros in their own right to ask for advice for first-timers.

“Well, everything has a tipping point. I see it as “chosen suffering”. The ice is another option to make that moment in your life a little bit more difficult. To callus the mind. To be in a position where we actively choose not to choose the easy route. And there might not be any other motivation other than to maybe toughen up a bit. Because everyone’s aware that life has a tendency to throw you a curve ball every now and again. Sometimes you see people who have had easy lives and they get themselves into a situation where life gets tough.

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