Power-up your day, everyday.

Hand-made ice baths and ice plunges, built in Britain.

Therapeutic, digital, beautiful and with a 5 year warranty.

Beautiful and hand-built in North Yorkshire to withstand the elements, Brass Monkey ice baths come in two sizes, can be placed inside or outside, and can be set to digitally maintain your preferred temperature, between 0-16°c. All you have to do is commit to getting in.

Steel Panel & Whiskey Larch Top Ice Bath with Dan Bosomworth in
Male sat onto of Emerald Larch Cold Plunge

Do something that your biology will thank you for​.

Our biology strengthens when we challenge it. Just like a muscle strengthens when trained, cold adaptation benefits come with consistency. An ice bath is only for the committed, so if that’s not you right now, don’t do it. If you’re intrigued, curious perhaps, the physical and mental health benefits speak for themselves.

Dan Bosomworth Brass Monkey Founder in Ice Bath With Thumbs Up

We believe cold water immersion is a key pillar for health and wellness.

Brass Monkey exists to empower people to develop a safe, accessible and reliable cold contrast or cold water immersion practise when they don’t live near natural sources, which is always the best.

We help them to reset mind and body whenever they wish, to feel stronger and feel happier in just two minutes per day.

The growing science behind cold water immersion.

However you experience a practise of cold thermogenesis, there’s unequivocal wellbeing and performance benefits that are understood by athletes, Navy SEALs, cold water swimmers and even ancient philosophers. A common understanding of the reasons how and why a practise of deliberate cold water immersion is good for us is starting to emerge. If only it got more scientific research funding.

Stronger immune system

Cardiovascular strengthening

Mental alertness and focus

Supports weight management

Dive into The Journal

We love to share what we’re thinking or learning about. Each week we share key thoughts and reflections on cold exposure, breath-work and building stronger minds and bodies. Dive in…

Hand made in the UK

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5 year warranty

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